Glynis Long

Breast Cancer Survivor

“When I went in for my lumpectomy that was the recommended treatment, but at the same time I was offered the opportunity to have the MarginProbe analysis of the tumor that was just taken out of my body, and it was done right there in the surgery, right in the operating room. So it meant they tested and ensured that I didn’t have additional cancer. In my case, I was most fortunate that I had the Margin Probe, because it was positive, just on the outside of the tumor.”


Jane Madigan

Breast Cancer Survivor

“When she told me . . . that I did have an unclear margin. . . and she went back and got the extra tissue out. . . I was absolutely thrilled.”


Susan Scanlan

Breast Cancer Survivor

“If Margin Probe had been available when I had my lumpectomy, and they had been able to achieve safe margins on my tissue, I would have been delighted. I would have gone forward step by step to combat cancer. It would have made all the difference in the world.”

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