The intraoperative margin assessment performed by MarginProbe is based on two scientific fundamentals:

The diagram above shows what influences the bioelectric differences between normal, healthy cells and cancerous cells.

  • Cancerous cells are uniquely different from healthy cells, and consequently have very different electromagnetic properties.
  • The bioelectric differences between these two types of cells can be detected using RF spectroscopy.

Once detected, the electromagnetic “signature” of cancerous cells can be compared to thousands of other cell signatures using a proprietary algorithm created by the R&D team of Dune. Results can then be reported to the surgeon in real time to support a decision regarding the removal of additional tissue from the breast.


The diagram above illustrates the results of applying a series of electric fields to excised tissue which the MarginProbe System uses to detect differences between normal and malignant cells.



By applying a series of electric fields to excised tissue, the MarginProbe System can detect differences between normal and malignant cells. The process is based on Radio Frequency (RF) Spectroscopy — used in many other medical and non-medical fields — and measures levels of both reflection and absorption of RF energy to determine cellular differences.

  • Probe


    The Probe is a lightweight, sterile, disposable device which the surgeon uses to control contact with the excised tissue. It connects to the Console for both electrical power and to enable the unit to establish a vacuum connection with the tissue specimen. This provides consistency in the amount of pressure applied to the tissue for optimal measurements.

  • Fringe Field Sensor


    The Fringe Field Sensor is an integrated element of the probe, located at the tip of the instrument. It functions as the heart of the MarginProbe System. On contact with tissue, the sensor delivers an electrical field, then captures the electromagnetic response (reflection) of the examined tissue to distinguish tissue type (normal or malignant). The low-power levels of both the instrument and the RF signals directed to the tissue assure that later examinations by the pathologist will be unaffected.

  • Console


    The Console incorporates a distinct module which enables the Margin Probe System to generate and collect RF signals used for margin analysis. Other modules within the unit provide electric and vacuum control, data processing and information display. A proprietary algorithm housed within the Console analyzes the bioelectric signatures from the tumor, and then compares those signatures to thousands of others in the MarginProbe database.

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