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Glynis Long

Breast Cancer Survivor

“When I went in for my lumpectomy that was the recommended treatment, but at the same time I was…

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Dr. Alice Police

Breast Surgeon

“When I first heard about MarginProbe intra-operative margin assessment device, I was so excited. I begged the company to…

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Susan Scanlan

Breast Cancer Survivor

“If Margin Probe had been available when I had my lumpectomy, and they had been able to achieve safe…

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Dr. Mark Gittleman

Breast Surgeon

“If cancer is found on the margin after review of the final pathology specimen in the laboratory, it implies…

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Jane Madigan

Breast Cancer Survivor

“When she told me . . . that I did have an unclear margin. . . and she went…

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Dr. Schnabel

Breast Surgeon

“Well, when I have to tell a patient that the margins are not adequate and another procedure is required,…

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For breast surgeons, there are critical questions with every lumpectomy performed: Did I remove the right amount of tissue? Are the margins clean? Will I be able to tell my patient that we’ve removed all of the cancer? Did I do my job well?

The MarginProbe® System is a new technology to provide surgeons, for the first time, with the ability to perform an intraoperative margin assessment — a diagnostic procedure to better identify whether the tissue excised during the lumpectomy has positive margins. In approximately five minutes, within the operating room, surgeons can now have immediate information about the presence of cancer cells on the margins of the tumor.

Breast surgeons have said that this is the first significant advance in margin assessment in thirty years.

On December 28, 2012, the MarginProbe System received Premarket Approval by the US Food and Drug Administration.

In The News

  • First Patients Enrolled in United Kingdom’s National Health Service Sponsored Clinical and Economic Study of Using MarginProbe™ During Breast Surgeries

  • Surgeons at Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids preserve more breast tissue and reduce the need for additional surgery by 75% for breast cancer patients with targeted excision using MarginProbe®

MarginProbe Advantage

MarginProbe Studies

  • MarginProbe Reduces the Rate of Re-excision Following Breast Conserving Surgery for Breast Cancer
  • Routine Use of the MarginProbe in Partial Mastectomy Patients: Three Centers' Experience, Including Comparison to Historical Re-Excision Rates